Dancing With Desire

Las reglas son claras:
Prohibido las relaciones íntimas con los clientes.
Bailarles como si nadie estuviese mirando.
Hacerles el amor con la mirada.
Seducirles con los movimientos.
Pero jamás pasar de ahí. Nunca.
Y lo cierto es que, ¿por qué será que cuamdo alguien nos dice que no podemos hacer algo con alguien inmediatamente nos apetece hacerlo?
En el caso de Ana, ese alguien es Ethan Faulkner. Rico, sexy y seguro de sí mismo, y miembro del exclusivo club de caballeros en el que trabaja , sexy and confident, and a patron of the exclusive gentleman’s club where she works as a dancer.
Will Ana play by the rules, or will Ethan have her Dancing with Desire?

This was a HOT, STEAMY & ULTRA SEXY book! Ana is a dancer at an exclusive Gentleman’s Club that caters to the wealthy and successful businessmen. But there are rules of working in the club. One of those is: No sex with the patrons or you’ll get fired. And there have been other dancers who have lost their jobs for that very reason.

But Ana is intrigued by her repeat customer, Ethan. And Ethan is just as intrigued by her, and the mutual attraction looms and causes extremely high sexual tension. But if they decide to do this, they will have to meet outside of the club, and they’ll have to set some ground rules.

There is a very hot surprise and WOW, does the author ever heat this one up! Don’t miss out on this super-freaking-sexy-hot ride!

Jennifer G.

Ok so I read Dancing with Desire in 1 1/2 hours (yes I know I’m a freak, and yes I’m that damn good 😆) I freaking loved it. It has so much potential to be a full novel or even a series of novellas. I just one clicked it not even reading the synopsis or anything about the book. I NEVER need to worry when I read one of Kasey’s books, because this woman wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence! No one can hang with her stuff. Dancing with Desire is no exception. For such a quick read it has drama and a whole lot on fire! You can picture Ethan the Sex God in your mind, and wow does Kasey ecer set a scene! I definitely recommend you one click it, or check it out with Kindle Unlimited! Fan Freaking Tastic!!!

— Rockin Between The Sheets Reviews

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